Should my dog sleep with me?

If you have severe immunological problems, it probably isn’t a good idea to let your pets on your bed. Babies should not have pets in the bed with the
should my dog sleep with me

Should I Let My Dog Sleep With Me?

The answer to that question is going to depend on the pets, and on the owners. So I have to say yes, and no.

First the No. If You Don’t Want Your Pet Sleeping With You

You certainly don’t have to allow them to. They can be just fine on their own. A puppy can be provided with a secure crate with soft bedding, and it will become like a den to him that he retreats to when he wants to rest or “get away”. A cat can also be provided a bed, or may like a nook in a tall scratching post.

Other reasons not to allow your pets to sleep with you are if they are badly behaved and it prevents you from getting a good night’s sleep. You can train them to behave and eventually allow them in the bed if you like, but daytime obedience is the place to start. If you are allergic to your pet, they should really not be allowed in the room where you sleep at all if you are going to manage your allergies and keep your pet. 

The Same May Be True if You Have Asthma and the Pet Triggers Attacks

If you have severe immunological problems, it probably isn’t a good idea to let your pets on your bed. Babies should not have pets in the bed with them. And pets who are suspect as far as their health, have fleas or parasites, should not be allowed in the bed until these issues are resolved.

If you do decide to allow your pets to sleep with you, you can make matter easier on yourself by looking for sturdy, easily washed coverlets to put over your regular blankets. You should of course keep your pet clean and well-groomed. 

If your pet goes outside, you may find it useful to keep washcloths or towels that are for the pet only and used to clean their feet when they return inside, especially if it’s muddy outside. And if your pet begins to find it difficult to get on your bed, due to age or other problems, or if they are too small to easily jump up, there are all kinds of pet steps available to allow them to climb up more easily.

One thing you want to be sure of is to decide when you first get the pet if you plan to allow it on the bed. Many people make the mistake of allowing a puppy on the bed because it is cute (which I wouldn’t necessarily recommend anyway until the puppy is well housetrained!), only to expect it to stay off the bed when it grows larger. It is much harder to change an animal’s habits once he has become used to sleeping on your bed, so be fair to the dog and make it easy on yourself and decide one way or another.

As for Myself

I never used to allow my dogs on my bed because I knew they would grow to be well over 100 pounds. Instead, I provided them with a fleece or pillow bed beside my bed, and they were “with” me just as much as if they’d been in the bed, since they could easily reach me. 

I did not allow my cats in the bedroom at night when they were young, since they tended to go a bit crazy in the middle of the night and run over my face, but when one cat developed asthma and had to have her breathing monitored all night, I started allowing her to sleep with me, and she had the good manners to curl up near my feet and not move or bother me until after I awoke.

Every situation is different, and you should not feel guilty whatever you decide. You are the owner, and whether you decide to allow your pets on your bed with you or not, we are here to help.

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